The RYLA Application Process

While each RYLA program has one or more unique application requirements, each program shares the following:

  • Every attendee is supported and funded by an eligible Rotary Club. It costs each club $500 for every attendee they send, so each club strives to send their best candidates each year. As such the application process is competitive, and we cannot automatically accept every applicant into the conference. You can find a list of RYLA Club Representatives here: List of RYLA Club Reps
  • Each RYLA and Young RYLA conference runs for 6 days (Sunday through Friday). Participants cannot arrive late or depart early. STOP HERE AND DO NOT APPLY IF YOU CANNOT COMMIT TO ATTENDING THE ENTIRE CONFERENCE.
  • Each RYLA and Young RYLA Participant (both youth and adult leaders) eligible under CDC Guidelines to receive a COVID-19 vaccination must be fully vaccinated (including boosters, if eligible) in order to attend RYLA or Young RYLA. Additionally, all participants must abide by any other health-related requirements established by Rotary International, Rocky Mountain RYLA, Larimer County, and YMCA of the Rockies, such as the wearing of face masks, being subjected to COVID-19 testing, etc. STOP HERE AND DO NOT APPLY IF YOU WILL NOT BE FULLY VACCINATED AGAINST COVID-19 AT LEAST 2 WEEKS BEFORE YOUR DESIRED CONFERENCE, OR IF YOU CANNOT COMPLY WITH ANY OTHER HEALTH-RELATED MANDATES WHICH MAY BE IN PLACE.
  • After completing your on-line application, you must contact the RYLA Representative for an eligible Rotary Club and schedule a candidate interview. If you have already spoken with a RYLA representative and/or a specific Rotary Club you can indicate the club’s name on the RYLA application form. If you need to find a RYLA representative in your area, please consult the list found here:

  • Parent/Legal Guardian consent is required to attend RYLA. You will need to provide contact information for a parent/legal guardian when you fill out your RYLA Application so that we can contact your parent/guardian to obtain their consent. Please make sure your parent/guardian is aware that we will be reaching out to them to provide their consent via our website as part of the RYLA or Young RYLA application process.

Young RYLA

If you are now in 7th grade and:
  • Want to become a better leader.
  • Would like a chance to meet and talk to other teens from different schools.
  • Have demonstrated leadership in your school or community.
  • Want to bring positive change to your community.
  • Are interested in making new friends.
Then you should come to Young RYLA!

Young RYLA 2022 Dates: 

Young RYLA 1: June 19 – 24 (Sun. – Fri.)
Young RYLA 2: July 24 – 29 (Sun. – Fri.)


Leader: One who, by the power of their positive actions, compels others to positive action.

In Rotary Districts 5440 and 5450, RYLA is a 6-day leadership conference held at the YMCA of the Rockies, in Estes Park, Colorado. These two Rotary districts cover Northern Colorado, Wyoming and Western Nebraska.

RYLA 2022 will be held July 17 – July 22 (Sun. – Fri.).

Any current High School Sophomore, Junior, or Senior may apply. Generally, selected applicants excel in one or more areas of high school involvement and have proven leadership experience or potential.


A Focus on your abilities, not your disability.
Inspiring you to be the best Leader and Teammate you can be.
  • RYLA Plus is a FREE Leadership and teamwork development program for high schoolers with physical disabilities.
  • RYLA Plus will return in 2023.
  • If you have any questions about RYLA Plus, contact Karen Loeb (