RYLA Packing List


– combination of shorts and pants for 5 days

– shirts for 5 days

– socks and shoes to hike in and play basketball in

– lace-up shoes for hiking and basically walking around the YMCA camp – very important!

– underwear

– comfortable footwear to wear around rooms and between buildings

– casual nice outfit to wear to RYLA dance

– rain gear, especially jacket

– light jacket

– sweatshirt for night

– all bathroom things needed

           – toothbrush and toothpaste

           – shampoo

           – brush or comb

           – deodorant

           – anything else necessary, contacts, glasses, lotion, etc

– sunscreen and sunglasses

– backpack or bag to carry manual and other materials (you must bring all items needed for the day such as medicine, as you will have limited opportunities to go back to your dorm room during the day)

– paper and pen

– alarm

– watch

– camera

– hat for outside use (but not worn in Willome Hall – shows respect for others)

– sleepwear

– a cell phone can ONLY be used as a camera

– small musical instrument (if wanted)

– knee/ankle brace (for hiking and sports, if needed)