Senior Counselor Application
(RYLA, Young RYLA, RYLA Plus)



Rotary Abuse/Harassment Release – for EVERY COUNSELOR!

The Abuse/Harassment background check is required for ALL staff members after January 1 of every year you serve as a counselor (yes, Rotary Policy states that we must run new checks each year).

After January 1, we’ll be in touch with you regarding this.



For New SC Applicants – Introduction

Thank you for your interest in becoming a part of the RYLA team! We are looking for people who are willing and able to carry on our tradition of excellence. More important, RYLA needs people who are ready to facilitate the “RYLA magic” for another year of young adults.

The SC Approval process begins with the completion of this application. You must:

  • Be a Rotarian in good standing.
  • Complete this application.
  • Give your approval for a background check (above).
  • Attend the training session (dates to be announced).

The two major needs for Senior Counselors are to enable young adults to continue their leadership development and to ensure the fulfillment of the goals for the RYLA conferees. To this end, each program conducts a mandatory Staff Training session (dates and locations to be announced).

In 2022, we will conduct these three RYLA events:

  • One RYLA conference at the YMCA Camp in Estes Park in the middle of July (Staff Attendance Dates: July 16 – July 22).
  • Two Young RYLA conferences at the YMCA Camp in Estes Park for applicants who have just finished seventh grade:
    • Young RYLA #1: Staff Attendance Dates: June 18-24, 2022
    • Young RYLA #2: Staff Attendance Dates: July 23-29, 2022
  • One RYLA Plus Conference (Location and Dates TBD)

You can indicate your participation preferences on the application form.

Thank you, and we appreciate your interest and involvement in RYLA!


Questions or concerns? Contact