When should I get there?


Check in is 1:30 – 3:30 pm on Sunday, the first day of RYLA. Activities start right at 3:30 pm, so we suggest you arrive as close to 1:30 as you can! If you arrive before 1:30, please walk around and enjoy the YMCA until check-in starts at 1:30.


Note: Traffic tends to be heavy in Estes Park and there are bottlenecks through the town that may take an hour or more, so please allow plenty of time so you won’t miss the start of RYLA!


What time should we get picked up on the last day of the conference?


It is very important that you arrange to be picked up exactly at 12:30pm on Friday!


How do we find the YMCA of the Rockies?


Follow Hwy 36 through Estes Park for approximately two miles, at which point you will see the YMCA road sign. Turn left onto Spur 66 and proceed south for about two miles to the YMCA entrance, which is well marked. Also see the Mapquest links on the main welcome web page.


Where do we go once we reach YMCA?


When you turn into the YMCA complex, take the first left that’s a street (just before Hyde Chapel). You will then find signs and people directing you to one of the east side lodges.


How do we check in?


Just follow signs and people directing you to your lodge, where you’ll be given your itinerary and other items that you’ll need. Don’t forget your clothing and other personal items (check the Packing List). Also, review the rules below concerning behavior of all Conference attendees.


Where do we get picked up on the last day?


One of the east side lodges, same as the drop-off location. Take the first street on the left in the YMCA complex (just before Hyde Chapel), and you’ll see the lodges on the left.


I don’t have a ride. How can I get there?


Contact the RYLA Representative at your Rotary club – they can arrange for transportation.


Can I drive?


WE RECOMMEND THAT YOU NOT DRIVE because you will be tired at the end of the week, and you will not be able to drive during the conference. If you do drive, though, do your best to have additional passengers to help you stay alert.


Can other people visit me?


Rotarians are welcome to visit any time. Meals are served at 7:30 am, noon, and 5:30 pm in the YMCA cafeteria. Meal reservations for visitors must be made two hours in advance of the meal times with the RYLA Conference Chair.


Can I use my cell phone?


Cell phone calls are allowed at specific times only. During conference activities, your counselors MAY, at their discretion, let you use it as a camera ONLY, and on a very limited basis. If used for any type of sending, posting, receiving, or simply viewing text messages, social media, e-mail, etc., your phone will be taken away and stored for the remainder of the conference. Recommended practice: leave it in your room!


Can I phone home?


Yes, although there will be limited opportunities. There is a pay phone or you can use your cell phone.


Can I wear my flip-flops?


Yes, but they WILL NOT be adequate! You MUST also bring shoes that lace up and support your feet for hikes and volleyball and such. In fact, your feet will be the most comfortable if you wear lace-up shoes whenever you are outside of your room at RYLA!


What are the rules?


These non-negotiable rules will be repeated at RYLA:

v     No driving or leaving the YMCA

v     No drugs, alcohol, tobacco, nicotine, cannabis, or any other unapproved substance

v     No Smoking, Vaping or using E-Cigarettes

v     No guns, knives or weapons of any kind

v     No stealing, gambling or lying

v     Distance yourself from violators and report any violations


Expected behavior:

v     Respect the privacy, needs and personality of others

v     No hats in Willome Hall – this shows respect for others

v     Lights out means that! 10:30 sharp, it’s the YMCA’s rule

v     Unlock doors at night! Bed checks will be done and are for your safety

v     Be punctual, respectful, and attend all events

v     Participate fully in all sessions and activities

v     Follow directions of JCs and SCs or other conference personnel


Remember, the more you participate, the more you will benefit from RYLA!