Congratulations and Welcome to Young RYLA!


You have been chosen by your local Rotary Club to attend the Young Rotary Youth Leadership awards (RYLA) Camp because a parent, teacher or Rotarian friend sees leadership qualities in you. At the Young RYLA Camp, you will meet other students from Denver, Northern Colorado, Wyoming and Western Nebraska who are interested in developing their leadership skills. This program will increase your confidence and provide you with a unique experience to broaden your ideas and abilities.


This page is mainly for you – but please share it with your parents also!


Expected Conduct

Remember that you represent your school, community and family at the Young RYLA Camp.


Rotarian Counselors, Junior Counselors and Staff look forward to working with you. Keep in mind that they are volunteers who give a week of their time, along with the rest of us who spend many hours planning and running registration so you can attend this Camp. Their decisions regarding rules, infractions and discipline are final.


Expected behavior


  • Respect for property – public and private.

  • Respect for privacy, needs and personalities of others.

  • Respect shown to all Counselors, Staff and Speakers.

  • Respect for schedule – be on time!

  • Attending every scheduled activity.



Unacceptable behavior


  • Use of tobacco, alcohol illegal drugs, vape pens of any kind, recreational drugs.

  • Stealing, shoplifting, or lying.

  • Leaving the group without informing a Counselor.

  • Use of cell phones or any other electronic devices unless given permission by Young RYLA staff.


Stay away from anyone who demonstrates unacceptable behavior and report them to a Counselor immediately!


The Program


Our program begins every morning at 6:45 am. With mandatory (but fun!) morning activities to jump-start the day! The days will be full of activities – team building, speakers, discussion groups, comedy club, the challenge course,  hike, and many other challenging and fun team building activities. We will also have movie night and a dance. All of our activities are designed to help build your self-confidence and your leadership skills. There is very limited free time available before or after each meal. All other time is scheduled for leadership training and activities.


Each night, your team will have discussion sessions where you will review the day’s activities and share your thoughts about a variety of topics. These are opportunities to share with others and create wonderful lasting friendships.


We’ll see you at Young RYLA!