Young RYLA Packing List


This is a coed camp, but there are separate rooms for girls and boys. Y-RYLArians sleep in bunk beds. There will be up to five people in a room; each room has a private bathroom with toilet and shower with a sink.


Pillows, blankets, sheets, and towels, are provided. 


Medications must be turned in to the nurse at registration

Combination of shorts and pants for 5 days–prepare for cold and hot weather!

Winter jacket, hat, mittens/gloves

Shirts and casual tops suitable for camp wear for 5 days.

Underwear for 5 days

Socks for 5 days

Good walking/hiking shoes / sneakers-  very important for our hike!

Something casual (jeans and a shirt) for the YRYLA Party!

Sweater, sweatshirt, lightweight jacket, or vest– it can get cold at night

Hat. Should have one for hiking

Backpack or bag to carry manual and other materials

Rain gear, especially jacket/poncho, umbrella

Pajamas–-you may sleep a little!

Purell or other hand sanitizer

Toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, and all personal bathroom things needed

Brush or comb

Anything else necessary, contacts, glasses, lotion, etc

Sunscreen and sunglasses / insect repellant

Flashlight / Headlamp

Laundry bag if desired

Pen and pencil

Several N95 masks

Water bottle (very important!!)

2 Covid Tests – At Home Tests.  In case we need to use them


No smart watch, phones, cameras or other technology.  Cell Phones are allowed for emergency use only but you will not be allowed to use them during the camp activities.